Suffering from a hostile work environment or harassment?

Suffering from a hostile work environment or harassment at work?  Under both federal and California, it is generally illegal for an employer to allow an employee to be harassed because of his or her gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age or other protected category.  If you believe you are being illegally harassed at work, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.  Law offices, such as this one, often will provide some consultation without charge.  The policy of anti-harassment laws are to encourage employers to create a work environment free of illegal harassment.  Likewise, the policy encourages the employee to notify the employer, such as a supervisor or human resources personnel, to allow the employer to correct any issues.  But the situation often gets complicated due to the nature of the work environment.  Employees fear retaliation if he or she complain.  Therefore, it is a good idea to get legal advice about the issue to determine how to protect yourself physically, mentally and legally.

Employees often believe that it is illegal for an employee to treat him unfairly.  However, in California, employment is typically at will.  At will employment means that the employer may terminate the employee for whatever reason and, likewise, the employee may quit the employment at any time if they do not want to continue.  The law does, however, protect an employee from discrimination or harassment because of a protected category such as race, gender, pregnancy, disability, sexual orientation or age.  To determine whether you are being illegally harassed, you should seek a consultation with an employment attorney.

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