Employment Law


Our law office specializes in employment law.  Whether it’s wrongful termination, retaliation or harassment because of disability, pregnancy, sex, gender, whistleblowing or other wrongful basis, these cases are the type of complex cases our office will stand behind and commit the time and resources necessary to successfully litigate.

Employment law issues:

  • Retaliation for Whistleblowing for Government Contractors - Retaliation for whistleblowing for government contractors received expanded protection effective in 2013.  Employees of government contractors who act to ensure a government contractor fulfills its obligations are protected from retaliation by their employers.  Government Code section 12653(a) reads: Any employee, contractor, or agent shall be entitled to all relief necessary to make that employee, contractor, […]
  • Suffering from a hostile work environment or harassment? - Suffering from a hostile work environment or harassment at work?  Under both federal and California, it is generally illegal for an employer to allow an employee to be harassed because of his or her gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, disability, age or other protected category.  If you believe you are being illegally harassed at work, you […]
  • Disability Discrimination - Are you the victim of disability discrimination?  In California, an employee with a disability has the right to work free of discrimination and to have her disability accommodated.  The law encourages employers to accommodate disabled employees if it is reasonably possible.  An accommodation may be time off from work to recover.  It may be a […]
  • Appealing the Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits - Has the Employment Development Department (“EDD”) unfairly determined that you are ineligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits?  Employers sometimes claim an employee quit or was discharged for misconduct to convince the EDD to deny the employee benefits.  Often, the EDD denies benefits after a brief telephone communication or email without undertaking an adequate  investigation of […]
  • Pregnancy Discrimination - As recent as February 2012, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) stated that, despite laws to protect women from pregnancy discrimination, it remains a significant problem in the workplace. Women, an important part of the American workforce, have no choice but to resort to discrimination laws to defend their right to work before […]