Disability Discrimination

Are you the victim of disability discrimination?  In California, an employee with a disability has the right to work free of discrimination and to have her disability accommodated.  The law encourages employers to accommodate disabled employees if it is reasonably possible.  An accommodation may be time off from work to recover.  It may be a work modification such as not standing for long periods.  It may be finding another available position in the company.  Both employers and employees have responsibilities to work with each other to find a reasonable accommodation.  The process can be frustrating.  Employers may not cooperate.  Employees may be hesitant to communicate with their supervisors.  We advise that you speak with an employment attorney as soon as possible to help assess your situation.  Often, a short conversation may help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the law.  Many law offices, such as this one, will provide you with a short consultation free of charge.

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