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Appealing the Denial of Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Has the Employment Development Department (“EDD”) unfairly determined that you are ineligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits?  Employers sometimes claim an employee quit or was discharged for misconduct to convince the EDD to deny the employee benefits.  Often, the EDD denies benefits after a brief telephone communication or email without undertaking an adequate  investigation of the facts and circumstances.  The EDD then sends a notice of determination that informs you that you are ineligible to receive benefits.

However, the notice will also inform you of your right to appeal the determination to the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board, where an administrative judge will allow you and your employer to tell your stories and present evidence and witnesses.  An attorney is not required to represent you as the judge will explain the rules and actively ask questions herself.  You can represent yourself at the hearing or have someone else represent you, even if that person is not a lawyer.  The EDD provides literature explaining further details about the process.

If you feel you need further legal assistance, please contact the law office for a free initial consultation.  For a small fee, our office will review your case and advise you on the legal issues.  If you prefer, our office may also represent you at a hearing in Los Angeles or Orange County.